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The Battery (2012)





  • Realistic, believable characters.
  • Great moments of humor.
  • Gut-wrenching at times.


  • Slightly plodding pace.
  • Not much zombie action.

The Battery (2012) starring Jeremy Gardner, Adam Cronheim, and Niels Bolle. Directed by Jeremy Gardner.

Baseball players Ben and Mickey find themselves surviving the zombie apocalypse. Ben seems to have adjusted well to this new way of life. Mickey, not so much. Finding a car that runs seems like a godsend and the two friends are soon on the road. It’s just two guys doing the best they can at the very worst of times.

Like a shambling zombie, this movie plodded its way along with the occasional sudden lurch to the left or right. I would have preferred a faster pace with more zombie action, but I was never bored nor did I roll my eyes and think, “Get on with it, already.” The actors portraying Ben (Jeremy Gardner) and Mickey (Adam Cronheim) were realistic and believable, comical and confident at times, frustrated and pissed off at others. There were a several scenes that had us laughing out loud and I think it was the humor that kept us watching more than anything, until that ending … Oh that ending! It was gut-wrenching and made the slower pace well worth the wait.

I really wanted there to be more zombie-killing action and more information on where these two had already been. The back story was there, just too hidden for too long. Knowing more would have made the mounting tension of that final half hour all that more intense. The movie was also a lot more realistic than your traditional zombie flick. You really got the sense of isolation, frustration, and danger
as the days and nights passed.

Viewing it at home on the small screen with a bowl of freshly-made popcorn was perfect.

Watch The Battery here.


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