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Evidence (2012)





  • Original.
  • Fast pace.
  • Crazy story.
  • Third act is nuts.


  • Why are they still filming?
  • Unexplained plot elements.
  • Heavy digital distortion.
  • First act is rough.

Evidence (2012) starring Ryan McCoy, Brett Rosenberg, and Ashley Bracken. Directed by Howie Askins.

Let me start this review off by stating that Evidence is a found-footage film. I’m assuming ninety percent of you just left. For the remaining four, there is some pretty fun stuff in this movie. Though the budget for the film hovered around a mere $12,000, the director, Howie Askins, and crew managed to wring every cent onto the screen.

Evidence starts off as a generic found-footage movie. And I mean that in a negative way. I showed this to a few friends and they all wanted me to shut it off after ten minutes. Some kids go camping, they encounter a scary stranger, things get weird… blah, blah, blah. Have you heard this one before? The first act is truly painful. One of the characters is such an asshole that you judge his friends because they decided to go camping with him.

But it’s in the second act when this movie takes a hard left turn. The action gets frenetic, the pace fast and crazy. At first, you see glimpses of something following them, and then it builds rapidly from there. In the third act, Evidence doesn’t just take another hard left, but does a back flip and somersaults downhill through the finale. I’m being vague about the story intentionally to avoid spoiling the zaniness of the whole thing.

The acting is a notch above most found-footage fare and none of the performances pulled me out of the film. Unfortunately, it does suffer from the same affliction as most of it’s contemporaries… you wonder why in the hell anyone would still be filming. That, to me, was the biggest issue with the movie. It needed more creative ways of showing the third-act action without having someone stupidly point a camera at things they should be running from. There is also a copious amount of digital distortion used throughout the final act, for obvious budgetary reasons, but it does get annoying at times.

Overall, I had a blast with this film and am blown away at the scope they were able to achieve with such limited resources. If you enjoy found footage, then give this one a shot. The detours the plot takes throughout could be a turnoff to some, but it made Evidence a movie that I’ll remember for a long time.

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