Big Bad Wolf (2006)





  • Practical effects, Richard Tyson.


  • The creature suit is really bad. But not as bad as the jokes.

Big Bad Wolf (2006) starring Richard Tyson, Trevor Duke and Kimberley J Brown. Directed by Lance W. Dreeson.

I love me some werewolf movies so when I discovered a flick from 2006 that had escaped my notice I jumped all over it. It was time to Run With The Wolf, stare at the Bad Moon Rising, succumb to the Old Moon Madness and Bark At The Moon because I’m A Werewolf, Baby! Having just sat through The Howling III (I’m one of the few people on the planet who can sit through this) I was in the mood for more werewolf B-movie madness!

The film starts off in Cameroon with two dudes on a night time safari (is that even a thing?) who are looking for one of the dude’s brother who got separated. It’s dark and it’s raining and they hear a fearsome beast howl nearby in true An American Werewolf In London style. Stick to the road, keep out of the jungle and all that.

Well of course they get savaged by the werewolf including an awesome scene of a guy having his leg ripped off in practical effects heaven before the brother shows up and fires his gun, scaring the beast away.

Fast forward seven years and we have typical awkward teen, Derek, stealing his evil step dad’s keys to a cabin so he can party with a bunch of cannon fodder normally found in slasher movies.

Well hang on to your hats because it turns out evil step dad is none other than Richard Tyson, who you’ll recognize from classics like Battlefield Earth, Flight Of The Living Dead, Hayride 2 and a Bigfoot movie from 2009 called Bigfoot. Well evil step dad doesn’t even try to hide the fact he’s evil and has Werewolf written all over him.

The teens head off to the cabin, accompanied by Derek’s tomboy friend who looks like a fat Joan Jett and has Final Girl written all over her. It’s like the film makers aren’t even trying to keep the audience guessing.

Well, after a short pit stop to help Clint Howard start his truck, and to give Clint an excuse to deliver the classic, ‘Stay away from there,’ line ushered by every local in every horror movie ever, the teens arrive at the cabin to begin all the beer drinking, pre-marital sex shenanigans found in slasher movies. At times I had to remind myself I was watching a werewolf movie.

Well the filmmakers must have sensed my confusion because almost immediately after nightfall the werewolf shows up and slaughters the cannon fodder in more practical effects goodness, including a dude having his testicles ripped off and one of the girls being ravaged semi-erotic bestiality style before having her throat ripped out.

It’s a this point that the film plays it’s hand and it’s the thing that will turn some people off of the movie: the werewolf speaks. As in dropping one liners Freddy Krueger style. Even his voice and maniacal chuckle sound like Freddy. Not good Freddy either, oh no, we’re talking shit Freddy from The Dream Child and The Final Nightmare. So when one kid pees himself the werewolf grabs him and says, ‘Marking your territory kid? Ha ha ha ha ha!’ Basically it’s 90 minutes of shit Freddy Krueger in a bad werewolf outfit, which will have lesser mortals hitting the Stop button but I’m made of sterner stuff goddam it, I eat these kinds of movies for breakfast.

Well, all the kids get slaughtered apart from Derek and Final Girl who are met at the police station by his uncle. Turns out Derek’s uncle is the surviving dude from Camaroon! I was wondering what the fuck the opening scene had to do with the rest of the movie, now I know.

And so the rest of the movie is Derek and Final Girl suspecting that Evil Step-Dad is in fact, the werewolf and trying to gather enough evidence (including a DNA sample Final Girl gets from giving Evil Step Dad a blow job – now that’s commitment). At times the film reminded me of Fright Night as the protagonists can’t find anyone to believe them that a monster is living among them.

One thing that jars with the movie, is that Richard Tyson excels as the Evil Step Dad, I mean he’s totally believable as this sick, no morals motherfucker but when he transforms into the werewolf he becomes this jolly, wise cracking Freddy Krueger wannabe. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s not as though the film makers wanted to give the werewolf a completely different personality to keep the audience guessing because it’s revealed very early on who the werewolf is. It’s even Tyson inside the werewolf costume so I honestly don’t know what the line of thought was on this.

Still despite these problems, it’s not a horrible movie and there’s plenty there that resulted in my enjoying the fuck out of this movie. The werewolf’s persona didn’t overly annoy me (I just wish they’d picked one persona and had both Evil Uncle and the werewolf stick to it) and the kills are fantastic, blood drenched practical effects goodness. In fact the film’s only CGI failing is Tyson’s on-screen transformation into the werewolf. The story moves at a brisk pace and there’s enough carnage to keep most horror hounds satisfied.

This is the kind of movie that should be watched with your friends as you pound down some beers at a Halloween party.


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