Kill Hill Carnage





  • Relentless, aggressive pacing.
  • Realistic characters.


  • None.

Kill Hill Carnage by Tim Meyer

If you like classic, popcorn-and-cheese horror movies, you can’t possibly regret reading this book: Kill Hill Carnage pulls from the same fountain that fuels the better of the cult-classic slasher films from the 80s and early 90s… Kill Hill Carnage simply overflows with gore and giggles.

Tim Meyer has grown impressively in recent years, and this outing puts him on the same shelf with anyone else active in the horror genre. For anyone who appreciates relentless, aggressive pacing with a sense of fun lurking behind oozing decapitations, this is an easy recommendation: buy it, read it, and remember to leave the drained corpse around to revisit next summer at the beach.

Most quickly-produced horror fiction is… workmanlike, at best. The prose is terse and bland, the word choice simplistic, the concept threadbare, and above all else, the characters are as thin as tinfoil. Not here. There are some great lines, mostly involving or delivered by characters that are realistic in their motivations and easily distinguished from one another. Some are likable, some are not—but none are bland or boring.

Tim has shown a capacity to rise above the pack before, but his full potential is demonstrated at last in Kill Hill Carnage. Any missteps in plot or pacing are nonexistent, the cover art is fantastic, and minor issues like grammar or spelling problems are mercifully few. A plus for those who love the sound of language, several moments are elevated beyond genre, a brief example being this sentence:

“The air was tainted; the smell of blood was bold.”

If you don’t hear the harsh metrical beats and slithering consonance in the above… hey, no worries. Just keep reading, because there’s something for everyone. Within a page or two, you can rest assured that either a monster or a cast member will bleed or die in entertaining fashion.


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