Money Back Guarantee





  • Fun, fast read.
  • Reasonable pricing.

Money Back Guarantee by Hunter Shea

Hunter Shea knows a good thing when he has his hands on it, whether it’s his One Size Eats All series of monster-horror or this series, which focus on the shoddy 1980-1990s “back of the magazine/comics” promises of sea serpents, X-ray glasses, and, in this case, a nuclear submarine. Thematically, this book explores and ends the series, and it does so wonderfully.

In short, the formula for these short novels has been: kid(s) order a piece of what the reader knows (possibly from personal experience) to be a junky toy, wait to get it, get it, are disappointed, and while the plots diverge in various ways here, mayhem ensues, blood flows, and total chaos reigns. This perpetuates in MBG through perhaps the halfway point, but it is the second half and the threads of emotion to that point I felt deserving of five stars.

Namely, the mother of the disappointed child is involved, attentive, loving, and, as anyone who has had a good mother knows, once you upset or endanger her kids… watch out. To avoid spoilers, I need to leave this here, including a minor quibble or two (e.g. mama bear instincts, okay… mama as Rambo… eh…), but while the ending might not be quite what is expected, the tone fits the series, this book, and provides a solid landing to a fun, fast series.

A great weekend read at very reasonable Kindle pricing, this is a must-have for those who enjoy horror with an action-oriented feel and with some levity and humor exchanged for what I’ll call a “darker” horror atmosphere and situation-descriptions. For the chickenhearts among us, this one’s safe for the daytime (and while you might check on your kids an extra time, night readers are also safe… mostly)!


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