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The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot (2019)





  • Original premise.


  • Despite killing Hitler and then the Bigfoot, it manages to be neither a war movie nor a horror flick.

The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot (2019) starring Sam Elliott and Aiden Turner. Directed by Robert Krzykowski.

When I first read the title of this movie, my mind was blown with all the possibilities: this was going to be a crazy movie like Dead Snow where a guy fights Hitler and then has to escape from Hitler’s bunker through The Black Forest only to find Bigfoot lurking there; or maybe Hitler’s personal bodyguard is a Bigfoot or maybe Hitler is cloning Bigfoots as a super army of cryptids or how about Hitler survives a Bigfoot attack and slowly transforms into a Nazi Bigfoot at the next full moon?

Well, we can forget all that. What we have instead is a tale of the unsung hero, a guy who does not one but two, unbelievable acts of heroism and yet neither receives nor wants any recognition, ‘I shot someone during the war,’ is all he alludes to.

The movie opens with our hero as an old man, ‘Sitting on a wobbly stool, drinking cheap drinks in a crummy bar.’ We then learn through flashbacks how he infiltrated Hitler’s inner circle and assassinated him using an ingenious combination of pen, lighter and whisky flask. That was the real Hitler, apparently the one who died in a bunker was a phony.  Despite getting up there in years, a foiled robbery attempt with three thugs lets us know that our hero is still a complete badass when he needs to be.

Hitler dies in the first act and the second act concentrates on a failed romance at the time our hero was moonlighting as a secret agent. Events and inner turmoil always seem to conspire against our guy proposing to the love of his life.

The final act takes place in 1987 and sees our aged hero receive a visit from the F.B.I. who inform him that he is needed for the classic ‘one last job.’ Turns out a Bigfoot is on the loose and also happens to be carrying a virus that will wipe out mankind. As luck would have it our hero is the last surviving adult who is immune to said virus and so he ventures out into the Canadian wilderness for a final showdown with the hairy beast. Interspersed throughout are flashbacks and the main events of the failed romance.

And there we have it, TMWKHATTB is strange yet engaging tale of a man who doesn’t want to be a hero but takes on the burden when nobody else can and although he kicks ass in the Hitler and Bigfoot departments, he fails in other, more mundane, pursuits such as happiness and romance.

This is a good movie and although our hero does exactly what it says in the title, it’s really not about that at all.


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