All Light Will End (2018)





  • There are a few really good jump scares.
  • The acting itself isn’t terrible.
  • The monster and dream sequences were actually pretty creepy.


  • The reactions of the police are far from realistic.
  • Characters are very two-dimensional.
  • Not much of it makes sense.

All Light Will End (2018) directed by Chris Blake. Staring Sarah Butler, John Schuck, & Ashley Pereira.

A woman in her mid-20s writes the scariest Horror novel in the history of all Horror novels and Stephen King agrees! In the beginning we meet Writer Girl as a young child being terrified of a thunder and lightning storm as well as some sort of creature hiding in her closet. Her mother assures her it’s just her imagination. No monster. Just a storm. Twenty years later, she writes a book apparently based on these childhood experiences. Her mother has committed suicide in the recent past and she’s estranged from her father. Until, she gets invited to her brother’s graduation and is convinced by her boyfriend to go and try and make amends with her dad while there. She, her boyfriend, and another couple head out and will be staying at the same cabin the writer grew up having so many nightmares in. As one can guess, Horror Hilarity ensues the night they arrive.

I can’t ruin this movie with spoilers because it’s already so bad. And by bad movie, I mean a movie that’s trying to be really good but pretty much fails on all fronts.

SPOILER ALERT! While we are being introduced to Writer Girl, we are also being shown incidents happening back in her hometown. Dismembered body parts are found in the woods. The cops don’t so much investigate as show up and look at the parts. They don’t take pictures. They don’t bag up the evidence. They just look a little bit before rushing off to the next emergency. We never find out what these dismembered items have to do with anything. We do know something similar happened twenty years ago, but none of that is clearly explained. Turns out the Chief of Police is Writer Girl’s dad and that Dear Old Mom didn’t commit suicide – Writer Girl killed her as payback for being such a sadistic mother.

Writer Girl has a dark secret and I’ll be damned if the Boyfriend of her Gal-Pal doesn’t find out. We’re never told exactly what he finds, though it’s strongly hinted it and is enough for her to take an axe to him. After his body is found in the woods the next morning, Gal-Pal goes after Writer Girl with the same axe and accidentally kills the Writer Girl’s brother. Now, Writer Girl is really pissed off!! Dad arrives in time to find Writer Girl covered in blood, but does nothing. He just backs out of the room and calls headquarters to report the scene as “All clear” despite having just stepped over the butchered remains of Writer Girl’s boyfriend on the front porch.

The closing scenes takes place that same night with Writer Girl going for a stroll in the woods in her blood soaked bra and panties. She arrives at a clearing decorated with lit candles. In the center of it all awaits the costume of the monster from her childhood draped over Gal-Pal’s body. Writer Girl puts on the costume and picks up the axe used earlier in the killings.

The end. What? Yes! The End. Consider yourself warned if you decide to take this horrible movie on.


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