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The Witch's Backbone: Part 2 - The Murder by Pamela Morris





  • Invested coming-of-age.
  • Gothic.


  • Minor proofreading misses.

Pamela Morris has been sharing her unique, literary style of horror with the world for at least a decade, and she continues to improve with each new outing.

To enjoy TWB (books one and two) it helps to have a soft spot for coming-of-age adventures, for early 80’s nostalgia, and a character-driven, creative, gothic-feel story with a variety of interesting characters and secrets and twists… but honestly, anyone is likely to enjoy this novel.  And I do mean anyone, as there is no graphical sex or complex obscenity, which was true of book one in this series, also.

The nostalgia of the setting is not its own quirky character, which is a welcome change from many a TV series or movie.  Instead, the setting and time period is used much as it would be in any other format—except that there are nice touches that result from this.  Anyone who can remember an awkward conversation with a potential “friend” will remember twisting the corded phone until it looks like a broken Slinky.

As to the plot, especially given you may not have read book one, I will stay away from that, except to say that Pamela is willing to go for the throat.  While her work isn’t Rambo-level violent, some of your favorites might not make it to the final page.

As a quibble, because some people get upset by such things, even from indie authors, there are a few minor typos scattered about.  In this case, I found those easy to overlook, as the fundamental story, plot, dialogue, and characterizations were quite strong.

Will there be a TWB three?  Maybe, or maybe not.  The witches, crows, and priests might know.  I like that these books are confidently self-contained, yet leave the door open for further exploration of the world the author has created.

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